Variable Data

We have extensive experience in the service of Variable Data, day by day strive to offer high quality product, and with the best technology which recognizes the trust our customers have placed in our hands.We currently have a processing capacity:

  • 25 800 duplex impressions per hour.
  • 15 000 Envelopes per hour.


What we do in our Data Center Variable?

  • Photocopy and Printing Paper.
  • Mass Digitization.
  • Processing and Printing Variable Data.
  • Insertion, enveloping and distribution of documents (IPOSTEL, AEROCAV, DOMESA).
  • Scanning documents, statements.
  • Delivery notes, invoices etc.
  • Color Laser Printing.
  • Laser printing in black and white.
  • Duplex (both sides).
  • Printing on pre-printed paper.
  • Folding (Automatic Document triptych and diptych).
  • Inserting Records and supply of envelopes.
  • Printing labels and personalized letters.
  • Sending invoices and statements (Distribution, Mail or E-mail).
  • Submission to major partners Courriers (OPTIONAL).

Banking Service

• End to End Service for the printing of the financial statements (EDC) bank.

• Service delivery in the EDC-mail.

• Back up service for bank EDC.

• Solutions for digitization, storage and retrieval.

• The EDC integrated with administrative systems and Web Portal.


Other Services

  • END TO END Service to print customized documents.
  • Service delivery of personalized electronic documents.
  • Service in electronic invoicing.
  • Service to back up the bills.
  • Solutions for digitization, storage and retrieval of invoices integrated with administrative systems and web portal.
  • Mass digitization service.
  • Marketing data management software LASER NET variable.


Security and confidentiality in the variable data center

  • Encryption used for the reception of the spool from any computer in AFP format, METACODE, PCL.
  • The spool may be sent via FTP or VPN or Clear Channel or CDR Manager.
  • If the data being sent in an optical or magnetic, will be compressed into a ZIP file can be opened only using a password.
  • Sending PDF test material to the customer for quality control before mass printing.
  • Access Control Variable Data Center.
  • Certified technicians and covered by confidentiality agreements.
  • Back-up generator Moto 45 KVA (December 2007).
  • 20,000 Mts. cubic material storage warehouse.