Designed for those corporate customers who have occasional needs for printing and copying specific times predetermined either by project or special contracts, thus avoiding having to buy a computer that still has life once the period of time.

In these situations, DELCOP CORPORATION Rental Service, is presented as the ideal solution for companies who need to rent some printing and copying equipment thus achieving an intelligent control of cash flow without sacrificing aspects such as availability, technical support or costs, this service includes:

  • DELCOP equipment and accessories (optional).
  • Connectivity.
  • Spare parts for wear.
  • Preventive support.
  • Corrective support.
  • Insurance policy for the contract.
  • Training for users.
  • Monitoring Software (optional).
  • Accounting Software Impressions (optional).
  • Help Desk In House (optional).
  • Developments (optional).
  • Transportation.
  • Installation.
  • Does not include supplies (toner, paper).
  • Only applies to color equipment.