Product - PPI (Pay Per Impression) / PPC (Pay Per Copy)

More than 20 years of experience working exclusively to solve needs in the area of printing and copying mainly oriented to the corporate sector allows us to design and deliver products and services that companies can control and reduce operating costs of printing and copying documents. Our goal is to provide support and world-class care to all those companies wishing to ensure the continued availability of its platform printing, consumable and consistent levels of service as expected and agreed.

In our PPC (Pay per copy) and PPI (Pay for Print) platform companies and statistics of their behavior can hire a printing solution that will ensure availability and costs within a defined time interval according to their statistics, thus avoiding increases uncontrolled daily costs, shortages for lack of parts inventory, parts and consumables, and also have a technical service staff works exclusively for the brand. This service is billed a fixed monthly amount according to your print patterns including:

  • DELCOP equipment and accessories.
  • Connectivity.
  • Office monthly supplies.
  • Spare parts for wear.
  • Preventive support.
  • Corrective support.
  • Insurance policy during the contract.
  • Training to users.
  • Monitoring software (optional).
  • Printing and accounting software.
  • Help Desk In House (optional).
  • Developments (Optional).
  • Transportation.
  • Supplies and Paper (98% letter and 2% legal).
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